Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gina Strikes Back

With quick thinking and a piece of string.
If you don't already know this (or forgot like I did), if you ever need to cut dough that's been rolled into a log, cake rounds in half, etc., you can use string or floss to do the job. Your recipe might not give you that advice, and you might find that a knife mashes the dough or gives you an underwhelming outcome. Just wrap the string around the dough, and pull the ends in opposite directions, and the string gives you a nice clean cut.

(While these are improved, I don't know if I could ever get them to look like the picture in the book. I think those cookies are airbrushed).


  1. Your strike against Martha Stewart was both swift and effective. I think she learned more from your floss than she did in prison. I commend you.

  2. Thanks, Mike. It was harsh yet necessary.

  3. I love that the cookies have the letter "G" in them.
    da, duh, da--Super Gina!

  4. Angelavon-
    That was completely intentional. :)