Thursday, December 17, 2009

All Business

A few days after Thanksgiving, my son was insistent that we write a letter to Santa. Because he was hopeful for the letter to arrive quickly, I told him we could send the list via email. My son dictated his list, and after he approved what I read back to him, we sent the message.
About a week later, our church held a Christmas party where Santa himself made a grand appearance at the end. My son excitedly ran to stand in line to speak with him. This would be their first face to face meeting since last year, so when his turn came, I was surprised by how brief his conversation and interest was with Santa. As he walked back to me, digging through the treat bag that Mrs. Claus gave him (Which included a rotten apple. Who says Santa doesn't have a sense of humor?), I asked him what he told Santa when asked what he wanted for Christmas. Not one to waste time with unnecessary meetings, the only thing my son told him was, "The list is in your email."

1 comment:

  1. I'd hate to do business with him. I'm surprised he didn't notice the apple and ask if that was the best Santa could do.