Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Pig's Christmas

(This is a favorite poem from my childhood. It is also responsible for my not being able to buy myself anything between Halloween and Christmas, even if I'm in desperate need of it.)

A pig went to market,
His heart full of glee,
To buy his friends presents.
"Not ONE thing for me!"
Said he, said he, said the pig.

He saw some red mittens
With green Christmas trees.
"What size?" asked the clerk.
"MY size, if you please!"
Said he, said he, said the pig.

"I'll buy me this sweater,
These boxing gloves, too,
This sled which just suits me!
Some taffy to chew---------"
Said he, said he, said the pig.

"A book and some apples
Come next on my list,
And I think I should have
A real watch for my wrist,"
Said he, said he, said the pig.

They're fine!" said his friends.
"You've bought SO much for you
That we'll get you no presents.
What else can we do?
Said they, said they, said his friends.

And on Christmas Eve
All under his tree
Were the presents he'd bought.
"Merry Christmas to me!"
Said he, said he, said the pig.

But it wasn't much fun
Giving things to himself.
So he took down his pig bank
That stood on the shelf.
"Let's see, let's see," said the pig.

I'll go shopping right now,
And I'll spend every dime
To buy my friends presents.
I'm glad there's still time!
With glee, said he, said that pig.

- Kathryn Jackson, "The Animals' Merry Christmas"


  1. That poem could form an infinite loop. He went to the store for his friends in the beginning. Who's to say he doesn't get there again and then go "hog wild" on himself?

  2. Mike-
    I had never looked at it that way. We actually don't know if he follows through, do we? It could be like the "Song That Never Ends" or Pi!