Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Hole in My Heart

Why am I grieving over the departure of a 6 year old Target entertainment center that has been sitting in our garage for months (intiating near curses from my husband and myself because of its inconvenience), that I posted on craigslist, and prayed for someone to buy? I almost ran after the truck in the rain crying, but my husband told me I could buy a new shirt.

Dejunking is a hard process for me. Anyone have any good coping methods?


  1. I feel your pain. Exhibit A: our garage.

  2. I think the whole "buy a new shirt" tactic is a good coping method!

    Maybe I should try it, even though I have almost no problem de-junking and gladly make goodwill trips all of the time. Of course, every now and then it makes me a little sad- like baby clothes and kid toys.

  3. I have a hard time with it too. Moving cross-country helped a lot. Hope you love your new shirt.

  4. If you send me a list of things you don't want, I'll arrange for it to be "stolen" when you least expect it. You'll never miss it.
    A coping method could be to put it in a storage unit. The montly payment will help you build resentment to it and you'll sell it or throw it away.

  5. Take a picture of it. Then you'll always be able to gaze fondly at it and remember the good times.

    We had to do this with Dallas's old Subaru that he loved. The picture may or may not include him lying on top of the car, giving it a last, loving embrace...