Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Design Advice Ever Given

When I was in college, I was a T.A. for the "Introduction to Interior Design" class one semester. The teacher was a very successful interior designer, who co-authored the book for the class (which is also used in programs nation wide). She looked a little bit like Lily Tomlin, spoke very quickly, said whatever she was thinking, and was very high energy. I found her very informative and very amusing.
One day, she was teaching the class about the many hats that interior designers must wear- one of which is being a mediator. For example, when working with a husband and wife, both may have completely different taste and strong opinions for what they want. As you can imagine, this can lead to conflict. It is the interior designer's job to find the happy medium between the two, with as little conflict as possible. She shared with us the fact that women tend to like floral fabrics, while many men have problems with floral prints in the bedroom (apparently, sleeping under a pink, cabbage rose comforter can threaten their masculinity?). She then shared with us the counsel she has given to male clients in the past, "If you make your wife feel more like a woman, she'll make you feel more like a man."


  1. "If you make your wife feel more like a woman, she'll make you feel more like a man."

    Cute saying but nothing I do could ever get my wife to sleep under a camouflage comforter. I'm amused that Cabela's even sells them.

  2. Mike-
    Perhaps your wife has heard the advice, "No design is better than bad design." I'm just saying.