Friday, August 28, 2009

Design Friday: The Egg Chair

Welcome to my very first Design Friday. This is my opportunity to highlight furniture, architects, and all things "design" that I love and find inspiring. Hope you enjoy it too. And without further ado....

... I would like to introduce you to my favorite chair of all time. Meet the Egg Chair.

photo from

This is a chair that I one day hope to own- but will probably not anytime soon- as it is the price of a small car. But, isn't it beautiful? I fell in love with this chair while studying interior design in college. It was designed by the Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen, in the 1950's for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. (I love this chair so much, I even wanted to name my first son Arne, but my husband felt differently). Arne was a very successful architect that would also design the furnishings for his buildings: including door handles, lamps, fabric, and even silverware. He is what you would call a "Complete" or "Total" designer.
Anyway, as you can see it has a very sleek, modern feel with interesting, curvaceous lines- obviously named after the shape it is derived from. I have never had the honor to sit in on
e, but It looks like a comfortable chair to curl up in and read a book.
Perhaps you are uncomfortable with modern furniture, because you feel you have to have an equally modern, minimalist home to accommodate it. Not so. The thing about modern furniture is that it has such clean lines that it is actually pretty easy to work into traditional settings.
Take the room below. It is a pretty traditional room. But, can you see the egg chair hanging out in the right hand corner of the room? I think it looks right at home back there, and complements the rest of the furnishings well. I think it also adds a little personality to the room.

photo from "Architectural Digest"


  1. That would go great in my fallopian-themed hallway! If you ever get one you will have to worry about every time a kid or large person goes near it.

  2. If you're going to name your children after designers, I vote for Walter Gropius! There's a name!

  3. Michael-
    I've thought that hallway has needed something more for some time. I've thought about the stress an expensive chair like that would cause, and I've decided I'd have to chain a guard dog to it.

    My heart swells with pride that you would drop a name like that.