Saturday, August 15, 2009

Simple Solutions

Charles Krauthammer is a pulitzer prize winning columnist for the Washington Post. Here is a link to his article, "Health-care Reform: A Better Plan". He makes the point that Obama's plan, which includes mandates, regulations, etc., will create "...a Rube Goldberg system that simply multiplies the current inefficiencies and arbitrariness, thus producing staggering deficits with less choice and lower-quality care." He suggests a simple solution: radical tort reform and eliminate employer based health care. Frivolous lawsuits are a huge, expensive, problem with our current health care system. Why not pinpoint and solve specific problems, instead of overhauling the system altogether?

Here is a column from the New York Times called "10 Steps to Better Health Care". It suggests studying communities that are redesigning health care and pursuing ways for the nation to follow.

Also, Denis Cortese, CEO of Mayo Clinic, was on the Charlie Rose Show. Here is a
link to his interview. I love the point he makes that getting a lot of people insured isn't going to solve our problem. There are a lot of insured people that receive bad care. We need to focus on the delivery system.

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