Saturday, August 8, 2009

Canoe With Caution

They say that activities such as wallpapering and lighting the Christmas tree together are good indicators of the strength of your marriage. If you and your spouse can make it through those experiences with your marriage in tact, you can make it through anything. Today, I would like to add "canoeing" to that list.
To be clear, things did not get nasty, but frustrations were expressed...repeatedly. In my husband's defense, the last time he's been canoeing was 15 years ago in the middle of a large lake. The route today was narrow and difficult- including many hairpin turns and strong currents. In my defense, after 4 hours of being sent head first into low lying limbs, brush, and trees (even once being knocked backwards out of my seat), I think even the most patient of souls would have lost their good humor. I even began to wonder if there was an undiscovered magnetic attraction between canoes and trees.
On the whole, we did have a good time together and enjoyed being out in the beauty of nature. It felt good to see other people capsizing, while we remained afloat. I feel confident that with experience, this is something that we could really get good at together. But, if you and your spouse are contemplating a fun recreational activity to do together, I give you my warning to canoe with caution.

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