Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cruel Intentions

Instructions in a letter from my son's preschool: "Please color the attached bear and bring it with you on the 1st day of school."

My Son: (while coloring) "Look, I'm coloring the Attached Bear. I like this Attached Bear. Mom, why do they call it the Attached Bear?"
Me: "That's just another way of saying, 'Color the picture of the bear that's in the letter.'"
My Son: "Mom, when I grow up maybe I can be a teacher."
Me: "That's right. You could be a teacher when you grow up."
My Son: "Then I could say, 'Attach the attached bear,' and confuse all of the children."

I had never considered revenge as motivation for a career choice.


  1. That's why I became a teacher!

    I love this story!

  2. Rebecca-
    I thought about you when he said that. I had a suspicion that was the case. :)

  3. I miss Josh...he's still an adult at heart.

  4. Alicia-
    No... he hasn't changed a bit. He expresses often his frustration that when he is the grown up, he'll make the rules. I'm scared!