Saturday, January 16, 2010


The next time you or your husband sit down to watch an NFL game, perhaps you'll find these facts interesting. The Wall Street Journal recently broke down how NFL games use their time on TV. I found it... enlightening.

67 minutes: Players standing around/huddling
60 minutes: Commercials
17 minutes: Replays
11 minutes: Actual playing time!
3 seconds: Cheerleaders

(**WARNING: If you present this information to your husband, you may be met with irritation and denial**)


  1. I thought football games lasted like 10 hours. According the wall street journal they only last about 2.5 hours including commercial time. Maybe you can enlighten me.

  2. See everybody? Irritation.

  3. Yeah, football games take twice as long, so I'm sure you can just multiply those numbers by two for a full game time breakdown! Besides, it is the percentages that are important, right?

    Anyway, this is SO TRUE! We never watch football games live at our house anymore. We record them and start watching them later so we can fast forward through all the mess to see the actual playing on the field!!